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Integrative Wellness Assessment

We strive to support your growth beyond the resolution of symptoms to guide your journey of true transformation and optimize your health and well-being. Our approach aims to reduce the trial-and-error approach common in Western medicine by obtaining a more in-depth understanding of all the factors that impact your health concerns. We are passionate about advancements in precision medicine and believe in this innovative approach that considers differences in people's genes, environments, and lifestyles that affect mental and overall general health to tailor disease prevention and enhance treatment efficacy. Our providers provide on education to help you understand root causes and how the brain and body work to empower our patients with a better understanding of how to override propensities to illness and overcome stress.
We incorporate Self Decode Assessments to determine genetic loading for psychiatric, neurological, gastro-intestinal, skin, and bone density concerns to develop personalized treatment guidelines including behavioral, cognitive, and nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations for optimal health. We also use Genesight to determine the safest psychotropic options to help us prescribe medication or supplements that are right for you.
As part of your ongoing psychiatric care, we order and review basic and functional medicine labs to rule-out underlying physical causes of mental health distress. When needed we will make referrals to allied or alternative health practitioners and coordinate care for other chronic conditions. We also review labs on an ongoing basis to monitor the impact of psychotropic medications.