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Amy Rein

Psychologist/Therapist in Iowa City, IA

Amy Rein, Ph.D.

Amy Rein, PhD, is a psychologist and the founder of Rein Center, an integrative psychiatry center based in Iowa City, Iowa. She has been practicing psychology for over 25 years in Vancouver, Miami, the Virgin Islands, and, most recently, Iowa City. She has offered a holistic approach to psychotherapy in both Canada and the US.  

Dr. Rein trained in many modalities of therapy, including psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral, but she also uses more experiential treatments, such as EMDR, for releasing patterns and traumas that are stuck and resistant to talk therapy. She has had many clients express a "WOW" when an issue that has haunted them for decades is released in a matter of hours. She also incorporates other modalities, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and a strong understanding of functional medicine, nutrition, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine, into her approach. In doing so, her clients tend to feel relief that they are receiving an integrated point of view that truly looks at them as a whole person rather than just their symptoms.

Dr. Rein offers counseling and psychotherapy for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress, trauma, PTSD, and stress-related illness, as well as couples counseling, marital therapy, and family therapy. She is trained as both an adult psychologist and a child / adolescent psychologist. Her approach to therapy is goal oriented and slightly directive. This means that it is rare to hear her just say, "hmm." She provides you with lots of psycho-educational information, feedback, and coping tools. She can help you to identify the root causes of your distress and heal them. She can also explain to you, from a psychological theoretical framework, what is going on, and she will also help you to understand from a more holistic viewpoint. Within the first couple of sessions, Dr. Rein provides insight into why you are feeling distressed and a treatment plan for how you will work together to bring about meaningful and lasting change. During therapy, she encourages clients to have a say in the work they will do together, and she guides them to be active in-between sessions to continue their therapeutic work through meditation, reading, or other activities such as yoga, exercise, journaling, and healthy eating.

Dr. Rein also has some meditations recorded that will be available to you to help with anxiety, relaxation, mindfulness, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Although the work they may do may be difficult at times, she enjoys having a laugh with her patients as they work on finding joy, happiness, and deeper meaning in their lives.