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Bria Katz, Mental Health Counselor

in Iowa City, IA

Bria Katz

I am a mental health counselor working with clients who want to improve their understanding of themselves and the world around them. I work with individuals 18 years old or older experiencing, but not limited to, anxiety, relationship challenges, life balance, self-esteem, and personality disorders.

I provide an explorative and skillful space to learn how to regulate emotions, reduce negative self-talk, identify and express emotions, maintain and improve relationships, and incorporate balance and meaning into everyday life. I am trained to approach these topics using CBT, DBT, Art Therapy, and Strength-Based exploration to enhance client's understanding of themself, find healing, and reduce conflict.

Beginning therapy can be a daunting journey, and I commend you for taking the first step. Seeking therapy is a sign of courage and strength to take charge and create the life that you deserve. So consider this your permission to try therapy, even if your life is going okay. Your future self may just thank you.