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Tara Cruise

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Iowa City, IA

Tara Cruise, LMFT
We as humans need relief from feeling separate in our experiences. The simple truth is that for therapy to work you have to feel safe with me (in terms of being honest and open) to allow me into your process. We will be a great fit if you are wanting to look inward and learn to create safety with yourself and if you are open to challenging your discomfort, growing esteem in SELF, and finding healing. Bring your honesty because the plan is for you to integrate what you learn in the session into your life. 
I offer a safe space and patience for healing. From 10-plus years of experience with therapy, I have found that we can build a gentler, more tolerant way of residing with conflict and pain. We can also re-learn practices that get us back to fully living rather than feeling like we are stuck in our trauma. I work with individuals and couples struggling with strong self-critical narratives, some need help with self-harm (cutting, binge/purge cycles, addictions), others with difficulty regulating emotions, as well as relational infidelity and healing thereafter. Most of us have internal conflicts that are difficult to sort out and difficult to understand how to navigate. 
Areas of expertise include Women’s and Men’s issues, Couples/ Family/Individual therapy (LGBTQ inclusive in all categories of therapy). Trauma in many forms, Depression and anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, acute stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and personality disorders.  I am well versed in  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Internal Family Systems and find these approaches to be incredibly powerful for unleashing the full potential of one's being.