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Psychedelic Treatments

Although we have believed for many decades that an integrative approach to psychological treatment brings about an even more profound and durable change over time, we are excited about the experiential transformation that happens through the adjunct of psychedelic therapies. At Rein Center, we increasingly understand the limitations of conventional psychotropic medication and now offer treatments that not only change the brain but manifest self-compassion, inherent healing wisdom, connection, and deep introspection. We are excited about the likely legalization of other psychedelic treatments including MDMA and Psilocybin, and are actively training in the areas.

Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine treatments offer relief from symptoms of depression, anxiety, OCD, and trauma within hours of administration. Although this relief may only last up to two weeks, Ketamine promotes neuroplasticity allowing the brain to disconnect from old unhealthy patterns and realign with new beliefs. When combined with psychotherapy and/or Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, it allows for expedient and deep breakthroughs to heal the root of your pain and bring about profound and lasting change.
Ketamine treatment includes preparatory, experiential, and integration sessions. These three parts prepare patients for the psychedelic sessions to guide them safely during the psychedelic experience itself and facilitate the process of translating that experience into meaningful long-term change. We understand the importance of “set” and “setting” and will address many issues prior to treatment including medication modifications, setting an intention, choosing the right music, addressing fears and concerns, as well as safety issues. We typically see patients in the office to start treatment but depending on the dose and route of administration will also support at-home treatments. When undergoing Ketamine treatment, patients will meet with their provider to discuss revelations and insight to derive greater meaning from transpersonal insights. Patients are typically scheduled 8 sessions over a 4-week period to start.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is offered at the “psychedelic”, medium to high dose, and “psycholytic” low dose ranges.
Psychedelic or medium to high dose sessions allow for a more intense out-of-body or mystical experience. The sessions aim to reduce body and sensory awareness that fosters dissolution of ego and spiritual liberation. Research demonstrates greater relief from mental health concerns when patients report a mystical experience. During a medium to high dose ketamine assisted psychotherapy session, we recommend use of an eye-mask to enhance the experience and maintain internal focus. Although there will be minimal discourse, your therapist will check in with you periodically and take detailed notes as the medicine subsides and you being to share details of your journey. As the medicine wears off you will spend time discussing and integrating the experience with your therapist. Patients typically are prescribed multiple sessions over several weeks or months.
Psycholytic sessions involves the administration of low doses of ketamine during traditional psychotherapy sessions. Sessions resemble regular psychotherapy with psychotherapeutic interventions, such as reflections and interpretation but allow for a loosening of defenses, and greater access the unconscious. Patients typically report greater ease when discussing challenging experiences and can access inherent insight and wisdom. During low dose Ketamine sessions patients maintain conscious awareness and an ability to communicate with their therapist although there may be a reduction in direct verbal output. This type of treatment is conducted in the context of ongoing (medium- or long-term) psychotherapy.