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Psychiatric Treatments


Integrative Psychiatry

Our integrative or whole brain-body approach to treatment provides personalized solutions to address the underlying root causes such as hormones, medical issues, food sensitivities, or other factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Our treatments include tailored medication regimens with conventional and/or alternative options to not only treat but sometimes eliminate and/or correct modifiable factors that may be contributing to illness such as hormone imbalance, environmental triggers, or interpersonal stressors. Personalized medicine in psychiatry presents a new path forward for connecting each patient with the exact treatments he or she needs, sooner, by using advances in science and technology.
We strive to support your growth beyond the resolution of symptoms to optimize your health and well-being and guide your journey toward the full expression of your best self. We understand that patients have the best outcome when they receive psychiatric and psychological therapy, and we will work closely with your therapist to ensure that you benefit from the synergy of these approaches. Our comprehensive and collaborative treatment model may include individual in-depth psychotherapy to release stuck pain and old patterns, along with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions, couples or family counseling, mindfulness meditation classes, as well as a holistic approach to understanding the biological underpinnings of psychiatric and medical comorbidity.
We also provide 2nd opinions for treatment-resistant issues and take the time to coordinate with other providers to determine the next best steps in treating complicated conditions not only limited to psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, but also weight loss, sexual dysfunction, PMS/menopause, substance abuse, and other age-related disorders. Some of the non-pharmacological options that are suggested at times include brain stimulation options such as the Fisher-Wallace alpha stimulation device as well as more intensive therapies such as rTMS or even ECT when needed. We may also recommend supplements and nutraceuticals, medical marijuana for PTSD and/or pain, or ketamine for treatment-resistant depression.

Medication Management

Ongoing medication management includes thoughtful addition and elimination of medications when needed and ongoing close follow-up when changes are being made. Our psychiatric providers are supervised/mentored by Dr. McCormick who is a board-certified psychiatrist and family physician with 19 years of post-residency training experience in private practice and academic medicine.
Our treatment approach commits to treating you with the optimally minimal dose of psychotropic medication when possible and offers several alternative treatments to further enhance health and wellness as well. We believe that there is no reason for a person to not feel completely or nearly completely better with the number of different approaches available. We typically schedule weekly sessions at the onset of treatment, or when starting a new medication, to closely monitor the effects of the medication and determine what approach is best for you. Our follow-up sessions are typically 30 minutes or longer when needed.
We don't ignore the small print and understand adverse effects of medication can be potentially harmful or seriously impair long-term outcomes. Our philosophy is simple, why take a potentially harmful pill when a combination of psychotherapy, exercise, meditation, yoga, and proper nutrition will bring about greater change and vitality? Although we see the benefits of medication for serious mental illness and managing acute distress, our long-term goal is to support your transformation from the inside out and foster the body’s inherent healing wisdom.